Get Lost
(CD: 1995)
Get Lost was released on Merge Records in 1995 and in 1997 by Setanta Records (UK) with an alternate track listing and a limited five song sampler CD featuring select songs from previous releases. On his previous albums Merritt had done most of the instrumentation his self, but starting on Get Lost his live band became more envolved in studio productions. Sam Davol - cello; John Woo - guitar; and Claudia Gonson - keyboards and drums.
right: front cover
below: back cover
1. Famous
2. The Desperate Things You Made Me Do
3. Smoke And Mirrors
4. With Whom To Dance
5. You And Me And The Moon
6. Don't Look Away
7. Save A Secret For The Moon
8. Why I Cry
9. Love Is Lighter Than Air
10. When You're Old And Lonely
11. The Village In The Morning
12. All the Umbrellas in London
13. The Dreaming Moon