Hyacinths and Thistles
(CD: 2000)
Released by Merge and Circus Records in 2000, the second 6ths album features a whole new cast of singers and few extra musicians: Daniel Handler, the cast of Magnetic Fields, Ida 's Ida Pearle, and Chris Ewen. Neil Hannon performs 'The Dead Only Quickly' a song once released as a Gothic Archies tune (Looming in the Gloom) and recorded by Hannon's own Divine Comedy years earlier.
right: front cover
below: back cover
1. Momus- As You Turn to Go
2. Sally Timms- Give Me Back My Dreams
3. Bob Mould- He Didn't
4. Melanie- I've Got New York
5. Dominique A- Just Like a Movie Star
6. Sarah Cracknell- Kissing Things
7. Miho Hatori- Lindy Lou
8. Clare Grogan- Night Falls Like a Grand Piano
9. Neil Hannon- The Dead Only Quickly
10. Gary Numan- The Sailor in Love with the Sea
11. Marc Almond- Volcana!
12. Odetta- Waltzing Me All the Way Home
13. Katherine Whalen- You You You You You
14. Miss Lily Banquette- Oahu
solo artist, Kahimi Karie
Sally Timms
solo artist, Cowboy Sally, The Mekons
Bob Mould
Sugar, Husker Du
solo artist
Dominique A
solo artist
Sarah Cracknell
solo artist, St. Etienne
Miho Hatori
Cibo Matto
Clare Grogan
solo artist, Altered Images
Neil Hannon
The Divine Comedy
Gary Numan
solo artist, Tubeway Army
Marc Almond
solo artist, Soft Cell, Marc and the Mambas, etc.
solo artist
Katherine Whalen
solo artist, Squirel Nut Zippers.
Miss Lily Banquette
Christmas, Combustible Edison