Lonely Days EP
(CDEP: 1997)
Lonely Days EP was released domestically as a CD in 1997 on Slow River / Rykodisc Records. The title track is the same version as that on Memories of Love , but Claudia's vocals on the second track are replaced with Merritt's. This was not the first version of 'Hopeless' recorded with Merritt on lead vocals. In 1995 a version of 'Hopeless' was released on a compilation called Red Hot and Bothered: An Indie Rock Guide to Dating with Merritt singing lead. The third track 'Love is Blue' is a cover of a song originally by Blackburn / Popp and made famous by Paul Mauriat. Setanta Records in the UK also released the Lonely Days EP as well as a 7" single that featured tracks one and two.
right: front cover
below: back cover
1. Lonely Days
2. Hopeless (Merritt vocals)
3. Love Is Blue
4. How to Get Laid in Japanese
5. Berlin On $10 A Day