Looming In the Gloom
(CDEP: 1996)
The first appearance of the all-Merritt macabre synthpop that is The Gothic Archies was the track 'The Abandoned Castle of My Soul' on a Harriet Records compilation called The Long Secret in 1995. Looming in the Gloom was released on the Hello Recordings CD of the month club (run by 'They Might be Giants') in March of 1996. The third track "The Dead Only Quickly' was later transformed into a 6ths' track sung by Neil Hannon only after his own band (The Divine Comedy) covered it and released it as a b-side. The last track is the original mix of 'City of the Damned'.
right: front cover
below: back cover
1. The Abandoned Castle Of My Soul
2. Your Long White Fingers
3. The Dead Only Quickly
4. In A Cave
5. City Of The Damned